Historic ‘Oust Modi Save the Country’ Rally in Koderma

THE CPI(ML) organized a massive Oust Modi Save the Country rally at the Block Maidan in Tilaiyya, Koderma on 8 October 2018 which was attended by people from Koderma Lok Sabha constituency.



Addressing the rally, General Secretary Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya reminded the people of the similar kind of massive turnout at the rally held in Patna on 27 September which declared that in no uncertain terms that it is time for Modi to pack up and go, as it is clear now that the coming of him again was nothing short of a horrible disaster for the country. In the 2019 elections, the people will ask the Modi government what happened to all those tall promises of ending corruption. Our hard-earned money is being handed over to Adani and Ambanis, and the country is reeling under humungous scams like the Rafale scam. He said that the people of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand, who had given Modi 100 seats last time, must take back each and every one of those seats. He thanked the JMM and Left parties for their support to the rally and called upon the people of Jharkhand to support the CPI(ML) and throw out the present draconian government.

jignesh, MLA Gujrat


Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani addressed the rally as guest and made a spirited call to the people of Jharkhand to support the CPI(ML) and said that the greatest service to the nation today would be to throw out the Modi government. He said that the true character of the government has been exposed by the incident at Giridih where a dalit youth who asked a question about ‘achhe din’ was beaten and silenced in the presence of the MP and MLA. The falsehood of the so-called Gujarat model has also been thoroughly exposed. Farmers are forced to commit suicide and the people are reeling under unprecedented price rise. If Bhagat Singh had been alive today he would have stood with the Left forces and fought with all his strength against this fascist government.

vinod singh


JMM MLA Jagarnath Mahto said that he and his party stands fully in support of the CPI(ML) in their struggle in Koderma. Marxist Coordination Committee MLA Arup Chatterjee said that it is the Left which fights first and strongest for people’s issues, and appealed to the people to vote for the CPI(ML) in Koderma. Former CPI(ML) MLA Com. Vinod Singh said that we must follow in the path of Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh and Mahendra Singh to save Jharkhand and India to throw out the current fascist government. CPI(ML) MLA Com. Rajkumar Yadav appealed to the people of Koderma to hold the Modi government accountable for all its failures and establish the people’s claims at ground level by supporting the CPI(ML).

woman addressing rally


The rally was also addressed by CPI(ML) State Secretary Janardan Prasad, Premchand Murmu (Adivasi Buddhijeevi Manch), Basheer Ahmed (AIPF), Geeta Mandal (AIPWA), Prakash Viplav (CPM), Mahendra Pathak (CPI), Rajiv Ranjan (SUCI), Jayanti Chaudhary, Kaushalya Das, Rajesh Yadav, Ashok Paswan, Shyamdev Yadav, Ramdhan Yadav, Ibrahim Ansari and others. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Usman Ansari and conducted by RYA leader Sandeep Jaiswal, while Sandeep Kumar proposed a vote of thanks.



The rally, attended by thousands of people, began with a minute’s silence for the martyrs followed by revolutionary songs by the Jan Sanskriti Manch team Prerna.

women in raly