Protest Meeting against Beating of Dalit Student at Bhojpur

ON 25 July 2018 door-to-door campaigning for ‘Oust BJP-Save Democracy’ was going on at village Narayanpur in Agiaon Block, Bhojpur District, when a dozen or so lumpen feudal elements from the village set up an attack on the campaign team, made a hostage of one of the students Naveen Kumar, and took him away with them. They tied him to the doorpost with a rope and started beating him up badly. On hearing the news the people from the Tola where the poor lived gathered there and surrounded the attackers. Naveen Kumar was freed and a FIR was registered at Narayanpur Thana against the culprits and their chief, a local BJP leader named Kamal Narayan Singh. The Thana was gheraoed with the demand for arresting the culprits without delay, but the police and the administration did not take any action in this matter.

Seeing that the police was totally inactive in this matter, a protest meeting was organized at Narayanpur on 7 August. People in large numbers, especially students, participated in this protest meeting from Narayanpur and neighbouring villages Banauli, Sahyogi Tola and Sewthan. People attending the protest came armed with traditional weapons like lathis and spears.

The meeting was addressed by CPI(ML) leader and former MLA Chandradev Singh and comrades Jawahar Lal Singh, Raju Yadav, and Manoj Manzil. The leaders demanded that the administration should arrest the feudal goons and their boss Kamal Narayan Singh without delay and punish them strictly under the SC Act. The culprits were also warned that they should surrender and face the law.