Adivasi Adhikar Rally at Ranchi

THE CPI(ML) Ranchi City Committee organized an Adivasi Adhikar Rally (Adivasi Rights Rally) to observe World Indigenous Peoples Day on 9 August 2018. Adivasis organized attractive floats at the rally which started from the Party State office and reached Albert Ekka Chowk via Main Road, Sarjana Chowk and Shaheed Chowk, raising slogans on issues like withdrawing the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill, implementation of 5th Schedule, ending attacks on adivasis and safeguarding adivasis’ rights on ‘jal, jangal, jameen’ (water, forests and land).

Addressing the rally CPI (ML) leader Com. Jagannath Oraon said that World Indigenous Peoples Day is a day to make a resolution for the guarantee of adivasi rights. Adivasis are not merely symbols of song, dance and entertainment but have made a place for themselves in the history of struggle for rights. The resources of Jharkhand, water, land and minerals are safe because of our struggles. The government is bent on destroying the culture and heritage of adivasis. District Committee member Com. Sudama Khalkho said that instead of happiness and celebration, adivasis are filled with a sense of anger and disappointment on World Adivasi Day. The Raghuvar government is least bothered about adivasis and most concerned about aiding private companies and corporate houses. If land loot goes on at this rate the very existence of adivasis will be in jeopardy. We will continue the struggle and build the Jharkhand of Birsa Munda’s dreams. District Secretary Com. Bhuvaneshwar Kewat said that all State government projects and awards should be named after the martyrs of Jharkhand.