Comrade Suraj

Comrade Ramkhelavan Saroj, populalry kown as Suraj, senior member of CPI (ML) Pratapgarh district in UP, passed away at his home on 9 September 2023. He was 80 years old. Born in a landless Dalit family of Bhairavpur village of Pratapgarh district, Com. Suraj in his early days joined the struggle for respect, land and wages as part of Arjak Sangh in UP. Later he came in contact with CPI (ML) and became a full-time worker of the party. Under the leadership of IPF and the party, a Martyr Memorial was built for the Arjak Sangh martyrs Vindeshwari Patel and Sitaram Saroj, who were killed by the feudal landlords in in Shivgarh Turi village. At the martyrdom site, a yearly  Martyr’s Mela is also organized on 18 October and Com. Suraj actively participated in the event every year.

As a member of CPIML, Com. Suraj was engaged in party work in Chandauli, Allahabad and Pratapgarh. Later he was associated with the party district office located in Lalkuan, Lucknow.

Com. Suraj’s courageous commitment to the struggle against exploitation and injustice will continue to inspire all of us.

Red Salute to Comrade Suraj!