Comrade Tota Choudhary, a popular leader who was instrumental in building the movement of urban poor in Bihar passed away on May 19 at the age of 67.

Com. Tota Choudhary belonged to an extremely backward community in Chero- Kharuara village of Bihar and had his childhood spend in conditions of extreme poverty. He used to sell fruits in the city for livelihood, where he witnessed the brutality faced by poor street vendor. He joined CPIML in 1979 and started building the movement of urban poor. Soon, he became a popular leader among the people. In 1982, he became the secretary of Bhar Jhuggi Jhopdi Sangh and spearheaded the struggle for rights and justice for the slum dwellers. The struggles forced the government to provide ration card and electricity to the slum dwellers.

Com. Tota Choudhary’s revolutionary legacy and his work among urban poor will continue to inspire the generations to come.