Spread the Spirit of the Karnataka Rebuff Across India

Karnataka has delivered a big blow to the Sangh brigade's fascist project. What we have witnessed in Karnataka is not a routine change of government every five years in this southern state, it is an emphatic rejection of the Sangh brigade's vicious communal politics which has been busy using the state as a laboratory and which wanted to remain in control through a toxic high voltage blitzkrieg led directly by the Modi-Shah duo.

Tribal Insecurity and Ethnic Violence in BJP-ruled Manipur

Even as the Union Home Minister Amit Shah was warning the Karnataka electorate that a Congress victory in the state would trigger riots, horrific ethnic violence erupted in BJP-ruled Manipur that had all the signs of an orchestrated riot. The Union government, which uses the term 'double engine government' for BJP-ruled states, invoked Article 355 to take over power in double engine-driven Manipur and issue shoot-at-sight order even as the death toll reportedly crossed fifty and the violence spread from the hills to the valley including the state capital Imphal.

May Day 2023: Invoking the Power and Spirit of the Working Class in the Battle for Liberty, Equality and Solidarity

May 1, 2023 marks the centenary of the first May Day celebration in India. Internationally, the observance of May Day had begun in 1886 with widespread protests and strike struggles demanding an eight-hour limit to the work day. Following the Haymarket massacre in Chicago on 4 May 1886, the movement gained further momentum. The execution of a group of key leaders of the May Day movement on 11 November, 1887 only strengthened the resolve of the working class on an international scale.

Let Karnataka Deliver a Decisive Blow to the Fascists

Ahead of the crucial 2024 Lok Sabha elections, six more Assembly elections are scheduled to be held this year beginning with the elections to the Karnataka Assembly on the 10th of May. Over the last couple of decades, Karnataka has evolved as a key laboratory for the southern expedition of the fascist brigade. Empowered by the ascent of the Modi regime at the Centre in 2014, the fascist forces made their intent clear with the assassination of the renowned rationalist thinker MM Kalburgi and activist journalist Gauri Lankesh.

The Yogi Reign of Terror and Impunity Leads to Televised Murder in Police Custody in Uttar Pradesh

Bulldozer and encounter have been the two most proudly proclaimed symbols of the Yogi Adityanath model of governance in Uttar Pradesh. According to data released by the state government, UP Police have carried out 10,713 encounters since Yogi Adityanath became UP CM and adopted ‘encounter’ as a ‘top strategy’ supposedly to strike fear in criminals. The government celebrates this strategy of extra-judicial killings as its biggest achievement which has apparently turned UP into a crime-free state.

PROPAGANDA IN THE NAME OF EDUCATION: Persistent Attacks on the NCERT Textbooks

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has removed the chapter on ‘Kings and Chronicles: The Mughal Courts (16th and 17th Centuries) from the history textbook’s ‘Themes of Indian History – Part II’. The removal sent down a few shockwaves since Mughal administrative unification played a key role in shaping the territorial and cultural map of India as we know it.

Ramnavami Violence: Defeat BJP’s Ploy to Turn Religious Festivals into Vote-Harvesting Theatre of Communal Hate

Once again, the festival of Ram Navami has been marked by targeted anti-Muslim violence and vandalism in state after state. Major incidents of violence have been reported from BJP-ruled Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and poll-bound Karnataka as well as non-BJP states like Bihar and West Bengal. Festivals that should be celebrated in an environment of peace, harmony and joy are increasingly being turned into theatres of vandalism and violence targeted predominantly against India's biggest minority community of Muslims.


The Modi government's desperate campaign against the opposition has assumed the proportions of an intensifying war on India's parliamentary democracy. Even as the opposition started demanding the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the Adani scam and Rahul Gandhi questioned the Modi-Adani nexus, a vindictive Modi government went berserk to target the opposition.