Guru Tegh Bahadur Was A Champion Of Religious Minorities

Resist Modi’s Attempts To Project Him As Anti-Muslim Icon

In a public address on the 400th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth guru of the Sikhs on April 21, PM Narendra Modi, true to form, tried to distort his legacy to serve Islamophobia. This is part of a larger conspiracy on part of the RSS to pit the Sikh religious minority community against the Muslim one.   

A Police State

The Assam Police’s arrest of Gujarat MLA and popular Dalit movement leader Jignesh Mevani over a tweet asserting that Prime Minister Modi “considers (Gandhi’s assassin) Godse to be God” and challenging him to visit riot-hit areas has once again brought home the role of the police in India as an arm of the ruling BJP. The Assam Police came all the way to his constituency in Vadgam to arrest him and take him to Kokrajhar in Assam.

Bulldozing Justice

In a disturbing pattern, Hindu religious festivals in the past week have been used across India as pretexts to organise menacing armed marches through Muslim localities, raising slogans declaring that only those who acknowledge Hindu supremacy can be allowed to stay in India. First on Ram Navami, and then again on Hanuman Jayanti, RSS-affiliated outfits held processions intended only to humiliate, intimidate and attack Muslims, and vandalise mosques.

Putin’s Ukraine War and Modi’s Policy Paralysis

Two weeks into the invasion, Putin’s war on Ukraine shows no signs of abating. The shelling has become more intense and widespread over several parts of Ukraine which are seeing growing civilian casualties and an exodus of refugees. Ukraine is being subjected to massive devastation. According to Ukrainian forces, Russia too has suffered major military losses, in terms of both personnel and weaponry. As the economic and human cost of the war grows, the repercussions are being felt across the region and beyond.

Stop Russia's War on Ukraine! End US-NATO Expansionism!

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russia's biggest neighbour and the second largest constituent of the erstwhile USSR is a major international crisis. There are reports of growing civilian casualties of Russian bombing and large numbers of Ukrainians fleeing to neighbouring countries for safety. At least one Indian student has also been killed by Russian shelling of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, even as South Asian and African students trying to board trains, or to cross the border into Poland face racist attacks.

Alarming Signs of Police Highhandedness and Political Terror in West Bengal

The chilling midnight murder of Anish Khan, former student leader of Kolkata’s Aliyah University and a familiar face of Kolkata’s CAA protests and various solidarity campaigns, by pushing him down from the roof of his own three-storied home at Amta in Howrah district has justifiably triggered massive public anger in West Bengal. According to his father, a gang in police uniform barged into their house around midnight on 18 February and while one of them stopped him at gunpoint, others went up and threw Anish down from the roof.