Modi's Vaccine U-Turn

As expected, the Prime Minister is being thanked by all his cabinet colleagues and NDA CMs for his belated announcement to provide free vaccine to the 18-44 age group. The general public opinion thanks the Supreme Court for its scathing indictment of the government's arbitrary and irrational vaccine policy which forced these policy amendments a week later.

Hold TMC Accountable For Curbing and Punishing Post-Poll Violence, Resist BJP’s Attempt to Foment Communal Riots in West Bengal


The West Bengal Assembly election mandate was a comprehensive rebuff to the BJP’s Islamophobic election campaign. Immediately after the results were out, however, W Bengal is witnessing disturbing instances of post-poll violence, affecting supporters of all parties. What is even more disturbing is the concerted attempt by BJP leaders to spread fake news and give a communal spin to both the verdict itself, as well as the violence.