NSA Imposition in Uttarakhand: Double Engine Government in Preparation for Double Repression

The 3rd Chief Minister in four and a half years of BJP's double engine government in Uttarakhand, Pushkar Singh Dhami has done one job with great asperity: he has pasted the state over with his own hoardings and banners. One hoarding prominent among these boasts that Uttarakhand ranks first in law and order in the Niti Ayog's SDG index.

Right to Employment Sacrificed at Altar of ‘Austerity Measures’ in Uttarakhand

THE Uttarakhand government has issued an order to stay recruitments in 2020-21. The logic behind this order is the old cliché that the government needs to curtail expenditure. But the truth of these so-called austerity measures is exposed by Principal Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh’s letter of 10 June. In Point No. 2 he says new posts will not be created and appointment of workers on the basis of daily wage or contract will be wholly banned. But in Point No.

Migrant Workers: Key Issues and Urgent Tasks

1. Mobility and migration have all along been central to the formation and growth of the working class. From villages to towns, from towns to cities and metropolises -  workers have all along been moving and relocating themselves as workers. There are also patterns and levels of migration that can be classified according to distance and duration: inter-district, inter-state and inter-country migration, seasonal and longer-term migration, and so on. But in spite of the pervasive presence of migrant workers, they have remained largely invisible.

Visakhapatnam and Aurangabad: Not Accidents, But Lockdown Massacres

Gas Leak Tragedy at LG Polymer Plant in Visakhapatnam

AMID the COVID-19 pandemic, another disaster has struck the nation. This time a man-made one. The Styrene gas leak at 3 AM on May 7 from LG Polymer Plant in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh had led to the death of more than 11 people (including minors) and 200 injured. According to developing reports, the toxic gas has affected more than 2000 people.

Police Repression During Lockdown Must Stop

CPIML has strongly condemned the repressive behavior of the police and administration during this horrific time of crisis due to Corona and the unplanned and cruel lockdown imposed as a preventive measure. It was hoped that the police and administration would adopt a friendly attitude towards the poor amid this crisis, but they are doing the opposite. The government must adopt a people friendly approach and stop the repressive measures.

SC Verdict on Reservation in Promotions

- Indresh Maikhuri

THE verdict pronounced by the Supreme Court on reservation in promotions has raised fresh questions on the stand of the ruling powers as well as the judiciary towards social justice. ‘Reservation in promotions is not a fundamental right’: these are the much talked about words of the SC verdict which are making headlines. But if we study the verdict, the matter is beyond and above this.

Transgender Persons Bill 2019 is a Blueprint for Discrimination rather than Protection

ON November 26, 2019, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2019 was passed in the Lok Sabha. The Bill had been passed by the Rajya Sabha in December 2018.

The Bill, far from protecting the rights of transgender persons, actually discriminates against them. It has been passed with total disregard for the concerns expressed by the Trans community about the impact of the Bill.

Government Forced to Backtrack from Signing RCEP

THE Modi government had to make a retreat from signing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Participation) RCEP which was supposed to increase farmers’ woes by making their dairy products highly uncompetitive. The Modi government was about to sign this Agreement which would have facilitated deeper reach of MNCs in dairying sector at the cost of Indian farmers. The Indian farmers’ frontal organization AIKSCC called for a countrywide protests on 4 Nov, the day when this agreement was to come in effect.