Election Campaign in Bardhaman Purba

"Keep both feet on the ground
Be friends with the soil
There is no sign of the sky
Yet, the soil will bring peace even in death"

Comrade Sajal Kumar Dey of CPIML is contesting from the Bardhaman Purba Lok Sabha constituency of West Bengal. Comrades from across various districts of West Bengal got down to the campaign in the constituency to make CPIML victorious. Upon the call of the party, local comrades held strong campaigns in Raina and Jamalpur blocks, with Memari block as the centre.

“We don't need an electoral bond, when we have an emotional bond with the people of Memari’s Nemo, Kaja, Sahanui, and Kakdanga, and Raina's Teandul, Dhamas, and Bodo. The door-to-door campaign was based on the party’s principle of ‘take from the people to give it back to the people’, where ten, twenty or fifty rupees were collected from the people in support of the candidate and the party, “ said Salil Dutta, CC member and district secretary of East Bardhaman. The response of the people, especially in the slums of poor farm labourers and adivasis was unprecedented, where people were vocal about non-payment of dues for hundred days of NREGA work, work stoppage, and halting of the housing scheme. During the campaign, the party workers exposed BJP's conspiracy to destroy, life, dignity, livelihood and democracy of the people. The campaign highlighted the debt relief movement, demand for 200 days of work per year and a minimum wage of Rs. 600, to provide job cards for all working members of the family, to arrange work in their native place for those who have migrated.

The BJP, however, was using Bardhaman Purba constituency to polarise the Matua community by nominating its Haringhata MLA Asim Sarkar, who is a vocal supporter of CAA-NRC, as their candidate. However, the Matua community people in Bardhaman are aware of the dire consequences of CAA-NRC. The impact of ground-level corruption and mal-administration is high and the CPIML’s campaign on these issues has received good response. This was evident in how the people welcomed the party comrades during its campaign.