CPIML’s 'No Drugs -Give Employment' Movement  Intensifies in Punjab

Recognizing lack of jobs and support system for the youth as the main factor towards the rampant problem of narcotics drug usage in Punjab, CPIML had launched an intensive anti-drug campaign - "No Drugs - Give Employment" - in the state. The movement while campaigning against the drug usage called upon the government in Punjab to fulfill the promises it made during the election, like registration of workers' houses, guaranteeed work under MNREGA for 200 days and the daily wage of Rs. 700. The movement, condemning the social bullying and orchestration of drug users called upon the government to provide support and rehabilitation facilities to deal with the problem.

On Tuesday, a protest demonstration was organised by CPIML and Mazdoor Mukti Morcha against the government at Gurudaspur DM office said that the unholy nexus between police, smugglers and politicians must be exposed and broken. Furthermore,the protest demanded assistance of Rs 1000 to every adult woman, giving old age and widow pension of Rs 2500, waiving off the loans of workers and farmers and unemployment allowance.

The protest noted that the anti-drug campaign of CPIML formed under the leadership of CPI(ML) leader Rajvinder Singh Rana in Punjab has received widespread support from workers, famers and other sections of the. The recent release of Parminder Singh Jhote, a prominent activist of the anti-drug movement is an example of the strength of the movement. For taking part in the movement, Parminder was put behind bars under fabricated by the Punjab police. Under pressure from the public, the government was finally forced to withdraw the false case against Parminder and he was released on Monday.