CPIML and MCC to Launch Campaign for Employment and Domicile Policy

A joint meeting of CPIML and MCC (Marxist Coordination Committee) was held on 7th May, 2023 at the Nirsa office of MCC. Com. Janardan Prasad, CPIML polit bureau member presided over the meeting. The MCC was represented by Com. Haldhar Mahato, General Secretary, Com. Babloo Mahato, Central Secretary, Com. Binda Paswan, the district secretary of Dhanbad, Com. Gayaram Sharma, the district secretary of Bokaro while CPIML was represented by State Secretary Com. Manoj Bhakt, Com. Kartik Hadi, Com. Krishna Singh, Com. Nagendra Kumar and Com. Pawan Mahato. The following is the summary of the meeting -

The meeting passed following resolutions:

  1. The fascist onslaught of the Modi government has adversely affected the country and the life of its citizens. New economic and corporate scams are coming to the fore every day. Blatant privatization and curtailment of the rights of the working class has escalated. Toiling masses, especially the tribals are facing the brunt of corporate loot and dispossession. The patronage offered to Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, by the BJP in spite of an FIR against him in the case related to sexual assault on women wrestlers has exposed the anti-women character of the party. The meeting resolved to stand with the wrestlers.

  2. The Modi government has embarked on a mission to control constitutional bodies and thereby weaken them for exerting unbridled authority of the state. The judiciary as well as the election commission have been unduly influenced. The recent Karnataka election is a case in point. The ED and NIA are being misused to silence the opposition as well as undermine the rights of states in a federal structure. Jharkhand bears testimony to this high-handedness. After father Stan Swamy’s institutional murder, other activist are being routinely subjected to raids.

  3. The dirty game of BJP is going on in Jharkhand. After promising 2 crore jobs for gaining power, it backtracked once it came to power. The wages in MNREGA are suppressed compared to other states. But the BJP legislators and MPs are silent on this issue. The KHATIYAN based planning policy, local based policy and reservation policy are being subverted by BJP-AAJSU by creating legal hurdles and misuse of the office of governor. This is dimming the future of the youth, whom the BJP-AAJSU are exploiting for their political interest.

  4. The silence of the Soren government and JMM in the face of betrayal by the Modi Government is disappointing. The employment and local policy challenge cannot be solved solely by relying on the state assembly and legislators. The need of the hour in a powerful movement on the streets that would expose the double standards of the BJP as well as force the Modi government to generate jobs with emphasis for local development.  When we are determined to bring the above mentioned policies within the framework of Ninth Schedule, it is a determined mass movements on the streets that can actualize this. The Hemant Soren government and the JMM must also be compelled to clear their stand.

  5. The twin issues of employment and KHATIYAN based domicile policy and reservations are important and there is a need to launch a movement on these. MCC and CPIML have always been in the forefront of the struggles of Jharkhandi people. A joint campaign will be launched from 24 May to 31 May in the form of Youth Awakening Campaign and local level protests will be organised.