Save Democracy Dialogue in Bihar

CPIML is conducting a Save Democracy Dialogue public campaign in Bihar from 23 March, martyrdom day of Shahid-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, which will culminate in statewide programmes on 22 April, on CPIML party foundation day. The Dialogue is meant to carry forward the message of the recently concluded 11th Party Congress. Special programmes will also be held on 14 April, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar as part of this Dialogue. Village level programmes and padyatras will be organised in all the districts of Bihar and burning issues of the people will be discussed and formulated. All senior leaders as well as MLAs of the party will station in their respective constituencies during this campaign.

The party has been raising issues like displacement of poor, rights and wage hike for Scheme workers, recognition of sharecroppers and filling of vacancies in government departments etc. Recently concluded 11th Congress of party has called for the broadest possible mobilisation of struggling forces against fascist BJP and RSS. The current Dialogue is aimed at strengthening such forces at the grassroots.

Various people’s issues and yet unfulfilled promises of the current Mahagathbandhan government of Bihar will also be raised during this campaign. While new posts are being created in BPSC/SSC, demands like the absorption of guest teachers, long pending recruitment of teachers in a transparent manner, improvement of educational environment in various institutions, and other demands of teachers and para-teachers are still not fulfilled. The economic contribution of migrant workers is immense for the state of Bihar, but the governments have not ever considered improving their work conditions in other states. Such issues will be taken up during this campaign along with the ever decreasing fund allocation by the central government in the MGNREGA scheme which is badly impacting the socio-economic fabric of rural households in face of deteriorating economic conditions.

The demands of reenactment of APMC Act in Bihar, recognition of sharecroppers and free electricity for agriculture purposes will also be raised in this public dialogue.

CPIML is also opposing privatisation of electricity supply in Bihar which is making electricity for the poor households quite unaffordable through pre-paid meters. This is ironically being done in the name of a scheme to provide electricity to every household.

Agriculture sector is the backbone of Bihar. CPIML has been striving for fundamental changes in the agricultural infrastructure as the only way for the development of the state. The issues of remunerative farming and agro-based industries will also be raised in this campaign.