Jammu District Conference of CPIML

Jammu district conference of CPIML was held on 13 November. Comrade Rajiv Dimri was the central observer of the conference. Comrade Nirdosh Uppal welcomed delegates and guests in the open session where he elaborated on the party's work in Jammu & Kashmir along with the national situation. Comrade Sukhdarshan Natt, central committee member, greeted the conference as a guest. Shubham Kaul representing the displaced Kashmiri Pandits from the valley addressed the open session where he criticised BJP’s double talks doing more harm to the residents of the valley, KP community in particular. He expressed confidence in CPIML’s stand on Kashmir and hoped that the party would continue to assert for justice and political resolutions to the problems of the people of J&K. Leader of Nature Human Centred Lok Lahar comrade Roop Chand appreciated stands on issues pertaining to environment and expressed his desire to work in coordination with CPIML. Many prominent trade union leaders of Jammu also greeted the conference.

Comrade Subhash Mehta presented the report on the political situation in the delegate session. Comrade Sunil Salyan presented the organisational report. He also apprised of the organisational situation in other districts of J&K including districts like Sambha, Udhampur, Riyasi, Kishtawad and Shrinagar.

Comrade Rajiv Dimri called for building up strong political initiatives against fascism and to work for making the forthcoming party congress of CPIML a great success.

The conference elected a 9-member District committee with comrade Subhash Mehta as its Secretary and concluded after taking resolutions regarding organising workers, peasants, youth and common people against the exploitation of big corporations, intensifying struggles against communal fascism and terrorism, for restoring the statehood of J&K as it was and establishing an elected government, to struggle for socio-economic development of the state, to unite democratic and secular parties and organisations on a single platform for intensifying the struggle for political and democratic rights to all in the state, and to work towards administrative, judicial and political reforms in the state.