Agricultural Workers Campaign

1st August was observed as National Protest Day across the country in response to the call given by the National Front of Agrarian and Rural Workers organizations. Protest programs were organized at District and Block HQs in many states. Various rural workers’ organisations including AIARLA held protests which were attended by lakhs of agrarian workers.

The protest day was also organized on 1 August in Bihar by MNREGA and rural workers. The largest arrears pending with the government are those of MNREGA wages. The government must guarantee payment of arrears as well as improvement in MNREGA terms and conditions and ensuring minimum wages.

The agricultural workers’ unions also raised the issue of severe economic crisis, unemployment, Food crisis and need for immediate relief from developing drought situation besides higher wages, more funds more work-days in NAREGA, and various other livelihood and social security issues.

Agricultural Workers
Agricultural Workers Campaign wb
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