Joint Protest against Skyrocketing Prices

Left parties announced an intensive campaign against inflation from 25 to 31 May.

The Modi government should stop fooling the people by pretending to cut petrol-diesel prices. The cut in petrol-diesel prices is nominal whereas they had been hiked consistently under the excuse of the Russia-Ukraine war. In May 2014 the central excise on petrol and diesel was Rs 9.48 and Rs 3.56 respectively. In May 2022 these have been hiked to Rs 27.90 and 21.80 respectively. After intense protests they are now Rs 19.90 and Rs 15.80 respectively, which is still way higher than what it was in 2014. The petrol-diesel and LPG prices should be brought back to the old level. There should be no tax levied on them, and the government should tax corporate companies to meet any deficit.

The common people, already burdened by the pandemic and lockdown, are facing great hardships due to skyrocketing prices. During the past one year petroleum prices have increased by 70%, vegetables by 20%, edible oils by 23% and foodgrains by 8%. Wheat, the staple food of crores of Indians, has become costlier by 14%.

Rations and ration cards are being scrapped. This is an attack on the Right to Food. 28.79 lakh ration cards have been cancelled in Bihar. The government must revoke this at once and guarantee a special package for food and other needful items for the people. Electricity, children's education, and day to day living expenses are breaking the back of the common people while corporate wealth is growing by leaps and bounds. The Delhi and Patna governments are trying to divert people's issues through the agenda of communal hatred and poison.

In Bihar, Left parties will participate in full force in the protest programs organized by the Mahagathbandhan on 5 June (Sampurna Kranti Diwas) against the government's failures.

Left parties demand withdrawal of all taxes on petroleum products, reinstatement of wheat distribution in PDS, Rs 7500 for each family outside the income tax ambit, employment guarantee scheme in urban areas, increase in MNREGA allotment, implementation of unemployment allowance, filling all vacant positions, stop evicting poor without prior rehabilitation, 200 units free electricity to all consumers.