Adivasi Sangharsh Morch Gajapati

The ASM and AIARLA held a rally and mass meeting in Nuagarh block of Gajapati district on May 7, 2022. The rally was addressed by Anasim Shabar, leader of the Adivasi Sangharsha Morcha, Tirupatii Gomang of the CPIML and Jacob Kari.
Demands are:
1- The poor people of each panchayat in Nuagadh block should be given 500 rupees a day for 200 days of work.
2. The language and culture of the indigenous peoples should be protection.
3 - All villages in the Nuagarh block should be included in the FRA.
4. The MGNREGA work should be provided to the tribals in the village meetings for planting trees in the jungle.
5. A market should be set up for the purchase and sale of Mahul-Juna-Chanchuni-turmeric and other goods collected by the forest dwellers.
4 - Land should be reserved to eliminate landlessness among the tribals.