Milk Supply Workers’ in Patna on Struggle Path


Members of Patna District Private Vehicle Drivers and Workers Union affiliated to AICCTU and engaged in Sudha Milk supply work organized a meeting on 27 September in front of the Sudha Dairy premises.

Sudha Milk Supply workers did great service during the Corona crisis to ensure milk supply despite the difficult situation. But the workers are deeply angry that the Dairy management has not paid the DA increments that were to be implemented in October 2019 and April 2020; the demands raised in the charter of demands submitted by the Union in November 2019 have also not been fulfilled: bonus; status of semi-skilled workers for khalasis; to stop overloading of milk beyond the capacity of each vehicle; and to stop extracting excess work from too few workers. Ranvijay Kumar said that if the management fails to fulfill the demands yet again, a strike will be organized to bring milk supply to a halt.