A Revolutionary Youth Association team visited the Middle School Brahmapur Dihra Quarantine Center on 1 June and inspected the conditions. The team was led by RYA National President Manoj Manzil and Bihar Secretary Sudhir Kumar. They found that there are absolutely no arrangements for hygiene and cleanliness at the Center. The inmates have to go into the open fields for defecation. In this center 25 toilets have been constructed, only on paper, but in reality there is not even a single toilet. This is a huge scam which is coming to light.

Manoj Manzil said that the quarantine center has become a center for loot and oppression. There is an appalling shortage of basic facilities. The governments have become utterly insensitive and left the migrant workers to their fate. The Lockdown snatched away the migrant workers’ work, and after many died suffering unimaginable distress either trying to walk home or travel home in hellish train journeys, the remaining who managed to reach home are now struggling in these centers.

After RYA team’s visit and follow up by them, the Brahmapur Quarantine Center contractor and Mukhiya had to give in writing that nutritious food including paneer, tadka, kheer, and green vegetables would be arranged; hygiene and cleanliness arrangements were started immediately. Now we have to wait and watch how much out of promised demands actually comes out in reality!