CPIML Fact-Finding Team Visit UP’s Sampurna Nagar of After Communal Violence

On November 04, violence erupted in Sampurna Nagar in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh as the right-wing Hindutva forces attempted to communalise the tragic death of a minor girl in suicide. The ensuring communal frenzy led to attack on houses and shops of dozens of members of the local Muslim community.

A seven member CPIML fact-finding team visited the area on November 9 to investigate the issue.   

Fact Finding: Report on the Killing of Dalit Youth in Lucknow Rural

On 18 June 2022 18 year old Shivam, who was sleeping on a charpoy outside his house in Raniyamau village (Lucknow Rural) under Mal Thana, was killed when a bomb placed under his charpoy exploded. A month has passed after the incident and the explanation given by the police is not only unbelievable but also puts several question marks on the investigation process of the police.

Fact Finding Report of the Left Parties on Jahangirpuri

A fact finding team from the Left parties (CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML), Forward Block) visited the communal violence affected areas of Jahangirpuri-C block on 17th April 2022. The following is a report after talking to the affected people and residents of the area belonging to both communities. The delegation interacted with at least 50 households. The delegation also met Shri Kishen Kumar the Additional DCP of the area, in the Jahangirpuri police station and other police personnel in the thana.

Gangrape and Murder of Dalit Girl In Bihar: Fact Finding Report

The incident of forcible kidnapping of a Dalit girl student by feudal criminals in full view in the Shahpur village of Mansinghpur Bijhrauli Panchayat in Vaishali District, at around 7 pm on December 20 proves that once again the morale of feudal forces is flying high under the BJP-JDU regime and there is no 'good governance' or 'rule of law' in Bihar but only rule by feudal dominant sections where the administration is completely helpless and standing with the criminals.

CPIML Enquiry Report : Mahadalit Youths ‘Punished’ For Not Voting in Panchayat Elections

Balwant Kumar Singh, resident of Singhna village, standing for the Mukhia election in Dumri Panchayat, Amba/Kutumba Block with the election symbol of 'brinjal' made 4 Mahadalit youths from Kharanti village do sit-ups for half an hour as 'punishment' for allegedly not voting for him after accepting money; moreover, he also committed the heinous act of making the 4 youths spit and then lick up their own spit. This barbaric incident was perpetrated on 10 December 2021 when the entire world was observing International Human Rights Day.

Poisonous Liquor Deaths in Bihar Continues

The relentless series of illicit liquor deaths in Bihar shows no signs of abating, while the government does nothing but indulge in empty rhetoric. CPIML State Secretary expressed deep concern at the government's attitude and said that with the latest deaths (6 deaths as of 11 November) in Shrisia and Bariyarpur villages in Kanti Block, Muzaffarpur District, the poisonous liquor official death toll has reached 62. The actual number of deaths is far higher.

CPIML Team Report from Lakhimpur Kheri

A 6 member team from the CPIML Uttar Pradesh unit visited Tikonia in Lakhimpur Kheeri on 3 October immediately after the barbaric massacre of farmers. The team comprised AIKM National Secretary Ishwari Prasad Kushwaha, AIPWA State President Krishna Adhikari, AIARLA National President Shriram Chaudhary, CPIML State Standing Committee members Omprakash Singh and Afroz Alam and State Committee member Rajesh Sahani.