From Election Campaign to Cricket World Cup: Growing Desperation of Modi and Shah

For the dominant Indian media, the first three weeks of November 2023 have been all about two campaigns: elections to Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan State Assemblies and the 46-day-long ODI Cricket World Cup which started on 5 October and ended on 19 November, both matches played in Ahmedabad at the erstwhile Sardar Patel Stadium which the Modi government renamed after Narendra Modi The continuing genocide of

Now to Move from Reality Check to Real Transformation: Signs of Hope from Fighting Bihar

The publication of Bihar's caste-based population figures and socio-economic survey report has come as a massive reality check not just for Bihar, but for much of North India as well. We now have a much clearer idea about the caste configuration of Bihar and also about the scale of poverty and unemployment that continues to persist despite the relentless rhetorical celebration of development in the state.

EB-ED Raj and the Growing Mockery of India's Electoral Democracy

EB (Electoral Bonds) and ED (Enforcement Directorate) have emerged as the two biggest sources of power for the Modi government. In the ongoing elections to Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, the ED has actually become the star campaigner for the BJP. The ED has been in existence for a long time, but what the Modi government has done is to weaponise it to target its opponents. The electoral bonds have been invented and introduced by the Modi government to facilitate unbridled and anonymous corporate funding for the BJP.

Stop Israel's Genocidal Campaign Against Gaza

Following the sudden October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas we are now witnessing nothing short of a genocidal Israeli campaign against Gaza. The combination of relentless carpet-bombing and a total embargo on all essential supplies including food, water, fuel, electricity and medicines is pushing up the death toll every hour. More than 4,000 Palestinians with approximately 3,420 civilians including 1,413 children and 806 women have reportedly been killed in the first twelve days of the Israeli offensive.

Speaking Truth to Power Is Real Journalism and Not Terrorism

The early morning raids on 3 October on the residences of nearly fifty journalists and employees associated with digital news portal Newsclick signalled an extremely sinister assault on India's critical media voices. The Newsclick raids in different NCR locations were preceded by NIA raids on human rights campaigners and civil society activists in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana just the previous day.

Bihar Caste Survey Underscores the Need for Updated Countrywide Caste Census and Expanded Reservation

At a time when the Narendra Modi government has failed to conduct the decadal census, Bihar has moved ahead and conducted a caste survey of the state’s population. Defying the BJP’s desperate attempts to stall the survey, or at the least the publication of its findings, the Bihar government successfully accomplished the caste survey and chose the 154th Gandhi Jayanti to go public with the overall summary of the statistical findings. 

Foil the Sangh Brigade's Desperate Attempts to Derail the Debate and Divide the People

Ever since the emergence of a broad-based united opposition, the Modi government and the entire Sangh-BJP brigade have been visibly rattled. The government is fully aware that even in 2019, against the backdrop of the hyper-nationalist wave triggered by the Pulwama massacre, the combined vote-share of the NDA did not exceed 45% while the BJP’s own vote-share remained less than 40%.