Protest against Forcible Eviction

A protest was held on 6 November 2019 at the Station Chowk by the Jainagar Jhuggi Jhopdi Union in Samastipur district against the eviction notice given by the Railway administration without making alternative arrangements, despite repeated requests to do so. The eviction notice was burnt at the Railway Chowk.

Addressing a meeting organized at the protest venue, Union Divisional Secretary Bhushan Singh said that on the one hand the government has failed to give land to the poor and settle them; on the other hand, the poor settled in jhuggis and jhopdis (hutments) are constantly threatened with eviction without alternative arrangements. If the Rail administration or any other administration breaks down the huts without first making alternative arrangements, we shall fight against the administration which does so. He announced that 17 November 2019 will be observed as Black Day and a torch light rally will be organized on that day. On 20 November a protest will be held in front of the District Railway Manager Samastipur.

The meeting was also addressed by Mohd Haslain, Narayan Sah, Shrawan Paswan, Mohd Gaffar, Manoj Kumar, Malati Devi, Sushila Devi, Kiran Devi, Manoj Sah and others.

juggi setting

Jainagar Rickshaw-Tanga Union Meeting

Later the Jainagar Rickshaw-Tanga Union organized a meeting and it was decided to organize a Dharna at the Jainagar Station premises on 20 November for the following demands: construction of Tanga stand and toilets at the Station premises; adequate arrangements for water; construction of sheds; end to repression and obstacles unleashed on Tanga drivers by the railway administration.

Addressing the meeting, Rickshaw-Tanga Union Divisional Secretary Bhushan Singh said that Rickshaws and Tangas had a fixed parking place ever since the Railways became operational in Jainagar but the local Rail administration is unleashing repression on the drivers in order to create an atmosphere of fear among the poor. It should be noted that all over India the Railways have made facilities like Rain Baseras (night shelters) for Rickshaw and Tanga drivers. But the Jainagar Railway administration has crossed the limits of inhumanity and is oppressing the Rickshaw and Tanga drivers in all sorts of ways. He cautioned the Railway and other administrations on behalf of the drivers that they should work to safeguard the common people and control crime in railway regions. He demanded proper security for Rickshaw and Tanga drivers and strict action against Railway officials who indulge in repression against the drivers.