Gang Rape and Murder of Minor in Masaurhi

A heinous incident on gang rape and murder took place in Karariya of Masaurhi in Bihar where the victim family is founding it very difficult to get justice in face of the intimidations by the dominant people from ruling parties. A CPIML team visited the affected family on 10 October 2019, enquired into the gang rape and murder incident and spoke with members of all communities in Karariya to know the details of the incident. AIARLA Bihar Secretary Gopal Ravidas who was in the team told the Press in a written statement that the heinous gang rape and murder of minor girl on a night during the Dura Puja was done by a goon gang enjoying the protection of the BJP-JDU. Villagers told that 8-10 motorcycle borne BJP-JDU goons used to come often to meet the victim family’s neighbor who portrays himself as a paternal cousin but is not really so. The goons used to hold night long meetings at his house and when the villagers opposed this the goons threatened the villagers that they would be taught a lesson. The villagers remained silent out of fear but they were worried that some big and untoward incident was imminent.

The villagers and the victim’s mother told the team that the family and the victim herself had opposed the putting up of the ladder by which the criminals came into the house from the neighbor’s house to perpetrate the crime. The village women told the team that a coaching institute is being run in the village. The head of the institute also used to molest the victim who used to protest strongly against this. The enquiry team found that the BJP-JDU has close ties with the accused. The villagers said that the police had taken 2 women into custody but they were released after the intervention of a leader who has close ties with the BJP-JDU. Now those 2 women are threatening the villagers with dire consequences if they speak on this issue.

The CPIML demands that the District administration should come out openly with the name of the leader who intervened in this matter. The people should know what the compulsion of the police is that they are denying the incident of rape!

The CPIML has announced to organize an agitation unless the justice is done. The team comprised Gopal Ravidas, Satyanarayan Prasad, Kamlesh Kumar, Binesh Chaudhury and AIPWA leader Dharmasheel Devi.