Protest March in Gadhani to demand Justice for Tabrez Ansari

THE Insaf Manch held a protest march at Gadhani (Bhojpur) attended by people in large numbers to protest against the increasing incidences of mob lynching against minorities and dalits and to demand justice for Tabrez Ansari. The march started from the Shahi Jama Masjid and proceeded via Sahil Bridge to Gadhani Station where it culminated in a meeting. The march was led by CPI(ML) Central Committee member Manoj Manzil, Insaf Manch State Secretary Qayamuddin Ansari, Mohd Rafi Rizvi, Nahid Iqbal, CPI(ML) leaders Bhim Paswan, Ramayan Yadav, Anand Kumar, and AISA leader Sudhir Kumar.

Slogans were raised at the march for justice for Tabrez Ansari, justice for all other mob lynching victims including Pehlu Khan, Akhlaq and others, and asserting that Muslims are also an intrinsic part of India. Slogans were also raised to demand an end to attacks on minorities and dalits and fixing of accountability for these mob lynching crimes.