Punishment to CPIML Leaders in False Cases is Unfortunate

A court in Arwal, Bihar has recently pronounced guilty and punished six CPIML leaders in a decade old false case imposed by the police for raising voices of the poor and downtrodden is quite unfortunate. These activists- an ex-Mukhiya and popular leader comrade Ganesh Yadav, Anil Thakur, Badshah, Suresh Sao, Devlakhan Rajak and a teacher Bhishm Narayan Yadav - had nothing to do with the murder of one Vijay Yadav which took place on 3 September 2009 in Khabhaidi village. Ganesh Yadav was the Mukhiya at that time in Khabaidi panchayat and a popular leader of the masses. The police in connivance with the feudal goons conspiratorially implicated them as a revengeful act. Now after ten years the court has announced a verdict based on that politically biased FIR and not basing on any scientific method of investigation.

This verdict has shocked many justice loving people in the district including lawyers who see this as a verdict lacking transparency and facts. CPIML district Secretary Mahanand has questioned this judgement and reminded of massacres in Bihar including Shankar Bigha, Bathe, Miyanpur and many others where victims could not get justice from our system. This particular judgement too raises many questions on the judiciary. This is same Arwal where comrade Shah Chand, a very popular leader and Mukhiya was implicated, along with 14 other comrades, in a TADA case. He died in jail after many years and was not allowed for a parole even under serious medical conditions.

Comrade Ganesh Yadav was the panchayat Mukhiya since 2001 to 2016. He is known as a peaceful, honest leader in the region. He was implicated in the case falsely at the behest of domineering sections of the area only because of his popularity.

Comrade Mahanand has said that Arwal has a history of severe repression on poor by the feudals and a systemic protection of the perpetrators of those crimes by the administration, but at the same time people in this district fosters the revolutionary legacy of the struggles and resistance and this time again the struggle to free comrades will be fought and won on all fronts.