Mahadharna against Displacement of Slum Dwellers in Patna

A massive dharna was jointly called by CPI(ML), Kanhaiyanagar, Isopur, Naharpura, Ambedkarnagar Jhuggi-Jhopdi Sangh Sangarsh Samiti (Slum hut-union struggle committee) Phulwarisharif on 3 January in Gardanibagh, Patna in front of the magistrate. They fervently opposed the attempts and machinations to displace the poor who have built their homes in these areas and have been residing for many years now. Hundreds of people participated in this mahadharna organized under the leadership of CPI(ML) leader Com. Sadhusharan.

CPI(ML) PB member Dhirendra Jha addressed this protest and said that on one hand this government raises the slogan of providing residence to all, while on the other hand far from providing residence to them, it is more occupied in trying to displace Dalits and poor from their homes. The promise of the freedom struggle was that the right to land and home would be ensured to all the landless, however governments like the one of BJP-JD(U) have been only keen on rendering people homeless. In several places, unauthorized slums have been regularized and people residing in them have been provided several kinds of civil amenities, then why should not slum dwellers of Patna be provided such amenities. He added that all the landless poor and dalits residing in towns and villages will have to recognize their strength and intensify their present struggle to ensure that right to home is treated as a fundamental right. He warned that if the people who are responsible for ensuring the sanitation and beautification of the city, women who ensure that our homes function well through their labour, the drivers and construction workers who ensure a functional city for us, if anyone of them is displaced, then we will unite to displace such governments from our state and our country.

The mahadharna was also addressed by Shashi Yadav, Gopal Ravidas, Gurudev Das, Construction workers leader Jitendra Kumar, Auto driver union leader Murtaza Ali, Ashok Kumar, Shanti Devi and Shakuntla Devi. A memorandum for more than one thousand poor was given to the district magistrate.