Bulandshahr : Yogi Raj is Mob Rule

The BJP Hate Spread Keeps Claiming Lives

A Sanghi communal mob in Bulandshahr, UP ran amok claiming to be protesting 'cow slaughter'. This time, the heavily armed and organised mob shot dead an already injured and unconscious police Inspector in uniform, Subodh Kumar Singh in cold blood while he was being taken to hospital by his colleagues. As the BJP and its leaders spread anti Muslim hate in the name of temples and cows, the hate keeps claiming lives. One more citizen was also reported killed in today’s firing.

The shameless troll brigade is now trying to milk the Inspector's murder for their hate campaign, spreading rumours that he was killed by Muslims who had gathered for the Tablighi Iztema.

In fact, the Hindus of Bulandshahr had, during the Tablighi Iztema event, thrown open a Shiva temple to allow prayer space for Muslims who were prevented by traffic from reaching the mosque. While the common people showed such communal harmony, the Sanghis are so intent on creating mayhem that a mob killed a police officer.

The BJP governments are facing brunt of people’s anger against betrayal of promises, devastating economic policies ruining lives, against fascistic terror let loose on democratic forces and working masses; with Elections 2019 approaching the BJP and Sanghi lynch mobs are trying desperately to fan anti-Muslim hate and frenzy in the name of mandir and cow to divert the attention and divide people’s unity. Such communal designs are going to fail and people are ready to oust BJP in the ensuing elections.

CPI(ML) demands a high level judicial probe into the Bulandshahr incidents and firm action against the planners and perpetrators of mob violence. CPI(ML) also appeals to all democratic organisations and citizens to come forward to resist the fascist communal designs which have become a hallmark of Yogi Raj in UP with ever increasing incidents of communal riots and hate crimes, encounter killings, atrocities on Dalits, attacks on women in Uttar Pradesh. The UP CM is giving polarizing hate speeches as a star campaigner of BJP in election-bound states. Voters in those states must know that a vote for the BJP means a vote for Jungle Raj, for Lynch Mob Rule where mobs can kill people and even policemen on one pretext or the other.

- Central Committee, CPI(ML)