People’s March in Manika in Jharkhand

A huge Janakorsh march (People’s Outrage March) was organized under the banner of the CPI(ML) on 29 September from the Middle School Maidan led by District Secretary Com. Birju Ram and Block Secretary Com. Bachan Singh. Women participated in the march in large numbers. The march culminated in a gherao of the Block office where the main gate was jammed for hours. And slogans were raised against the corrupt BDO and CO and the BJP government which is protecting rampant black marketeering in ration distribution. Addressing the meeting, State Secretary Com. Janardan Prasad said that the Modi government has become a synonym for a government of lies and loot, as is borne out by huge scams like the Rafale scam, the aiding and abetting of thieves like Mallya and Nirav Modi and dozens of others. Modi is the biggest threat to democracy, and therefore the need of the hour is to throw out the BJP from government as well as society. Com. Birju Ram said that there no development works have been done in Manika Block, whereas loot and is rampant everywhere. At the end of the gherao the BBDO and CO were called outside and a 14-point memorandum was submitted to them. The two officials had to stand for an hour outside and discuss the demands with the people. About 1000 people from 25 villages participated in the march, having walked 5-12 km from their villages to join the march. The march has enthused and energized the people of the area with a new spirit of struggle.