Party Education Camp in Kerala

A two-day Party education camp was organized in Kerala on Sept. 28-29 in Thrissur. This was inaugurated by party Politburo member V Shankar and presided over by John K Erumeli. 10th party congress resolution on the national situation was the topic in the first session where it was discussed how the BJP regime has turned out to be a fascist state of a particular and complicated nature. Comrade Shankar explained why defeating the BJP and Sangh Parivar forces in elections alone is not enough and how it becomes the responsibility the anti-fascist movement led by the Left and inclusive of all democratic and progressive forces to weed out the power of capital which in turn is manifesting as fascism both inside and outside of the structures of governance and hence affecting all walks of life. For that there ought to be a nationwide anti-fascist front led by Left, democratic and progressive forces. On the second day, the History, Structure and Constitution of the communist party was discussed, followed by a discussion on the prospects and activities of the party in Kerala.

After the conclusion of the education camp a public meeting in the evening of September 29 was held at Thrissur Corporation square. NS Ajithan, John K Erumeli , Sankar, OP Kunjipillai, KM Venugopalan, and Sunny Ambattu addressed the public meeting. Speakers in this meeting called upon to defeat the fascists to build a People’s India.