March Organized at Sindri against the Poor Law and Order

THE CPI(ML) Sindri local committee organized a people’s march on 30 September 2018 against the abysmal maintenance of law and order and held a meeting at Shaharpura Chowk. Speakers addressing the meeting said that the Oust BJP - Save Democracy - Save the Country campaign is being carried out with great energy and enthusiasm across the country. The Raghubar government has proved to be a miserable failure on all fronts. Loot, murder, and rape have become common incidents. Women are feeling unsafe and insecure. Sindri-Baliyapur has seen as many as 4 murders in the past one week, including the murder of Gangadhar Hadi alias Renu on 13 September. The police have failed to make any progress in all these cases. This is due to a strong nexus between criminals and the administration. The planners and executors of these murders are roaming scot free. Through this Jan Akrosh (People’s Outrage) march the leaders cautioned the administration that if the guilty are not arrested without delay, the Party would launch an even bigger agitation.