Modi Government Fails Test Of DU Students

DU Students

JUMLA Nahi Jawab Lenge! Iss Bar Tumse Hisab Lenge! (Not Empty Phrases, We Will Demand Answers and Accounts Of You This Time)

DU reverberated with these slogans along with those of Inquilab Zindabad on 21 August. A sea of red flags carried by common students of DU colleges declared today that AISA is ready to take up the challenge of throwing ABVP terror out of DUSU this time.
Around 20,000 students participated in opinion poll called #ChaarSaalChattronKaHaal on rights of students such as hostel, affordable transport, job opportunities, gender justice, freedom of expression, campus democracy and social justice. 83% students gave their mandate that the Modi government is a massive failure. The ’Report Card’ was presented at a public meeting at the culmination of the students’ march.

DU, Delhi